Album: Outside The Spotlight (2018)

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The story of Rejects of Society starts Summer 2001 in Meran (South Tyrol -Italy). In the rehearsal room of the local youth centre, a handful of young Punk- and Hardcorefans came together to pass by the provincial boredom with a lot of beer and coverversions of Sham 69 or Business. It didn't took long till the first own songs were made and a year later the 5 guys had their first gig. Local concerts fallowed and many hours in the rehearsal room till finally 2005 the first album "About" was recorded and spread DIY-Style. On the road, the five guys also met steeltownrecords (, their salespartner in Germany. Since this all gave a lot of motivation, ROS went back to the studio winter 2006 to record their second album. Maybe a little more hardcore-influenced as the first one, but still with many streetpunk and Oi! elements, the long expected, 10 Track-Album "Hometown" was available.In 2010 and after a little change in the line up the guys recorded a new album called "against time". The new material was a blast this was also the opinion of the label Steeltown Records ( that's why they choose to put out the new record. It was a vinyl only production limited to 500 copies. In 2012 the time was ready for a change in the bandname, the guys now called themself ROS and under this name they put out the "s/t" album. Another bullet in the gun of this blazing hardcore-punk combo.2015 a new EP is published with the name "Right On Schedule". 3 years for 6 new song not the baddest stats for the band. The EP comes as 7" (d.i.y.) and for free download. Enjoy as usual.
2018 dropping the new album "Outside The Spotlight" with 14 new tracks. Its a tribute album to bands from the local underground with 13 covers of these bands and one ROS original which is also the titeltrack "Outside The Spotlight". Check the brandnew video to the song on our Youtube Chanel.